im supposed to put a description here but i cannot describe myself and these capital letters intimidate me
stay with me
so here i give to you a piece of myself

someone ate my ice cream

I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

Do you ever feel like you want to tear open and apart your chest even though your chest feels like a thick wall of iron?

yoooooo taeyangs new album

days like this make me wish i had someone to rest on and walk around and not have to talk

why do people always bother me for things when i have actual stuff to do?!?? 

he is testing me

when you think of a brilliant url then find out that someone already has it and they have been inactive for months

all the people i loved on my dash are gone or are fading away now and i’msad

maybe that’s why i don’t feel as attached to tumblr anymore

who decided butts were funny

I want to be able to take someone’s hands and say, “let’s grow together.”

why is technology so stupid D:< i had her present on there noooooooooooo. D:< why didnt i back it up on dropbox sooner D:< 

i have to put myself back together

wow wow wow
you go ailee
I like this MV the most so far
Very good job